Stage II Artwork ListJohn Lake Art Stage II

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Lighting the way (24x30)

Eye of the beholder (24x30)

Shining Sun (24x30)

Sea of Blue (24x30)

Nature’s Palette (24x30)

Alone at Sunset (24x30)

Jubilation (30x24)

Home Sweet Home (24x30)

Moon Lit Silhouette (24x30)

Encroaching Seas (24x30)

Jesus (30x25)

Twilight Reflection (30x24)

Field of Green (24x30)

Inner Peace (16x20)

Solar Eclipse (24x30)

Signs of Life (24x30)

Dancing Sunflowers (24x20)

Out of the Blue (24x30)

Alcatraz (24x30)

Amsterdam (22x28)

Judgment Day at Beneficial (22x28)

Rising Sun (24x30)

Coming Full Circle (20x24)

Approaching Storm (24x30)

Solar Eclipse II (24x30)

Path to the Future (30x24)

Nighttime Jubilee (30x24)

Road of Life (24x20)

San Francisco (18x24)

Flower (24x20)

View From a Cube (20x24)

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Dancing Bear

Lunar Eclipse

Morning Glory

State of Becoming

Star Light (24x30)

Guardian Angel

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