Stage II



Transition Piece

Before 1995 I experimented with applying paint on the canvas in many different ways -   Creating an eclectic mix of experimental pieces during my initial foray into art.  Then I discovered my informal teacher for many years to come – Vincent Van Gogh.  I loved the way he made the canvas look like it was moving (alive) with his brushstrokes.  I’ve been to the Van Gogh museum over a dozen times studying his work over the years.  I tried for many years to create a similar effect by using a slightly different style.  Instead of applying the paint thickly and working in a fast whirlwind method I applied the paint thin and flat to the canvas.  In most cases I did the broken brushstrokes first (These were done with high energy and very quickly) and then I painted in a more methodical way to fill in paint between the individual brushstrokes – this allowed me to shape the brushstrokes.  This process required me to take many hours to complete each piece.  Once again, as in Stage I of my career, I failed miserably at times and I believe I also succeeded in creating some interesting pieces.  The painting pictured here ”San Francisco”  was my first attempt to learn from the Master.  The painting was done from a photo I took   As you can see I applied very little detail to this image.  It was done to experiment with movement.  The sky was created with applying hundreds of brushstrokes until the canvas was covered.  As I progressed down to the buildings my style started to change and I began to do the brushstrokes first and then fill in between just like I mentioned earlier.  This first painting of Stage II set my style in place for many years.

                                                                                             - John Lake

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