Stage III


Transition Piece

This painting “Sunflowers” started out like every other painting in Stage II -   Lots and lots of brushstrokes to give the impression of movement.  Then I had the idea to use thick paint on the round part of the flowers to just give some sort of different effect.  I looked around for something I could use to apply the paint and found a toothpick.  When the painting was completed I liked the effect and decided to do an entire painting using this style just to see what the effect would be.  I then started work on “Remnants”.   I liked the finished product and have continued to use this style since 2002.    I create the works by applying the paint in little gobs using toothpicks as my brush until the canvas is completely covered. The paint is squeezed directly from the tubes and not diluted.  This is very tedious and time consuming work BUT I will continue using this style as long as I am happy with the finished product. 

                                                         - John Lake

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