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Transition Piece

In 1987, I was 19 and taking some Photography classes after I finished High School.  One of these classes was called ”Color and Design” which was a beginners art class.  I remembered not wanting to take this course because I had absolutely no interest in art but it was a required course.  Most of the class was teaching the basic principles of Colors and how they reacted differently when matched with one color or another in Acrylic.   The final Project at the end of the semester was to create 5 separate paintings.   4 were to be done on sketching paper and the 5th on canvas board.   You would create a design with the first work and each consecutive work you would add something to the design and change the colors from the previous work  It was a basic learning experiment.   What this assignment taught me the most was how much I loved to paint.   Hours seemingly went by in minutes.  With each finished piece I had a great feeling of accomplishment - Something I had never felt before. It was truly an inspirational and life changing moment in my life.  Because of varied interests and time constraints I only finished a handful of paintings over the next few years but I eventually went back to painting on a more consistent basis.    The painting pictured here is the fourth out of the 5 that were created.   This painting plus the first three were lost or discarded over time.  The 5th on canvas board was given to the teacher of the course upon his request.  This class was the only formal art training I have ever had.  I preferred to learn as I go…. learning by experience.  I have failed miserably at times and at other times exceeded my expectations.  It’s been a fun ride and I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

                                                                                             - John Lake

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